Thursday, May 20, 2010

6 Weeks Already!!

It's a real smile!

Mr. Cuteness


Richardson Mouse

Our little Richardson turned 6 weeks on Monday of this week. This week he gave us a couple REAL smiles (not the: "I'm filling the diaper smile"), but legit - I love you mommy and daddy smiles! He's following us with his eyes too. We are melting!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


My little Turtle is growing so fast. His daddy bought him this adorable dino outfit after we come home from the hospital. It no longer fits him... ;-( At 6 weeks, he's already in 3 month old clothes.. Tugging at my heart!

Happy Mother's Day!

It was my first Mother's Day and I must say, It's my new favorite day. I LOVE being a mother to my precious, 5 week old Richardson! We packed up the car with Mimi and Richardson as well as all our "stuff", that filled the car to the brim, and we headed to Arkansas. Richardson did so well in the car. I had to wake him to eat, then back to sleep he went. We had such a great weekend with Ma'am and Pop and the Morgans. Ma'am's friends even through lil R a "Sip and See". Mommy made out pretty well too. How did Richardson know that Mommy wanted tickets to the Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw concert?? He's so smart!!

Scrub a dub "Turtle"

Our little Turtle (called Turtle because of his extremely long neck that he occasionally sticks out like a turtle head coming out of his shell.. too cute!) had his FIRST bath a few days after we came home from the hospital. What a task it was! After we got the towel, washcloths, baby wash, baby lotion, water temp ready, diaper and wipes and change of clothes.. we were finally ready. The only thing we were missing was another set of hands to help us. Unfortunately, our little Turtle was not a fan.. These days it's much better though. As long as his body is submerged in warm water, he's happy as pie. That is.., until it's time to get out of the water..

Our Little Model

Every mother thinks that her baby is the most beautiful around..., but mine really is. ;-) Our good friend, Cara, took Richardson's newborn pics and she did such a good job! After getting pee'd on and dealing with much fussiness, I realized that taking newborn pics is not an easy task... But these are pictures that we will always cherish. The first of many in the years to come.


Malcolm Richardson Smith III has finally arrived! Our sweet baby was born on April 5th at 5:26pm. This beautiful and healthy, "big" boy was 8lbs, 10oz and 21.5 inches long!! Dr. Smith's first words as Richardson entered this earth: "WOW, look at those thighs! He's such a big boy!" Because Rich and I decided not to find out the sex during our pregnancy, we were overjoyed to find out not only that this was a big baby (better have been with my 40lb weight gain..), but that we had a BOY!! We were so lucky to have many of our loved ones at the hospital with us: Mimi, Ma'am and Pop, Aunt Kimberly, Sarah and Liz. We love our sweet Richardson. We are blessed.