Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring!...,here we are.. Hopefully.

Last Monday it snowed 5 inches. Since then it's been 70 degrees everyday. I'm believing that our spring has started. One can only hope! We're all SO ready to be outside everyday. Especially Richardson! Spring means birthdays, the cutest little monster is turning 1!, completion on our new house (hopefully..) and sunshine on our skin!!

So much to catch up on.

Our baby is 11 months old! I realized yesterday I hadn't blogged about his last couple months so I'm taking the time to remember all those milestones we've covered. So many!

R is saying "Mamamamamamamamaaa" and "Dadaaaaaaddada". Started around 8 months, then stopped. Now they're back and he knows who he's talking about. I'm pretty sure that the "actual" first word was none other then, MAMA. ;)

We started crawling in November. In Feb at 10 months, R took his first step. At 11 months, he's off to the races. I can't catch him! He loves being mobile. He can finally explore his little world! I can't baby-proof enough! He loves the toilet. Can't keep him out of it. And the toilet paper roll is just "oh so" interesting for our little guy. Loves to see how many times he can unroll it in a day. More then anything else, R is obsessed with wheels. Wants to stare at them, touch them and taste them. Stroller wheels, mom's car wheels, bike wheels...,ALL wheels. I'm pretty good at keeping him away from those dirty things, but unfortunately.., he's gotten a couple tastes. (no car wheels, thank goodness!!!!) I'm constantly cleaning his hands and mouth these days. He LOVES fans. Celling fans, paper fans, floor fans. It's one of his favorite daily activities. The floor fan in our room is like his friend. HE likes to tease it. He'll get right in front and then back off quickly. over and over.

We have chompers! R has 8 teeth. Chews his food, fingers, my toes, etc.. ANd he gives the best wet kisses! Request a kiss and you will get one from this guy. He still loves the bath and brushing his teeth is on the top of his "favorite daily activities".

Our sweet little boy is growing so quickly. He loves his mommy and daddy. Especially his daddy.. lately.

We LOVE you so much little Richardson!! We are so blessed to have you.