Tuesday, December 13, 2011

20 Months Baby!!!!
I've been the worst mommy blogger. I was just looking at my little luv bug
today and realized that I haven't blogged in ages.. I don't ever want to forget all Richardson's cuteness. When I started this blog, that was the point. It makes me sad to feel like the hustle & bustle of daily life is making my R grow even faster. I enjoy, more then anything, being a mommy to R.

~ R @ 20 Months ~
Loves his mama! 24/7 mama's boy (ps.. in case you didn't know: i LOVE it!!)
Loves "MELMO"
'melmo!,melmo!,melmo!!" every morning it's "bobble" then "melmo!"
(gotta get that melmo fix!)
Love playing "tackle" and "chases" with daddy
Loves his "bobble". still...
Loves hair, especially mama's (obviously..). It's his soother. little cutie! Hair stylist in the making!
Balls... soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, bouncy balls, wiffle balls, tennis balls, LOVES THEM ALL!!
Loves to dance! Gotta download a video. When Elmo dances, R dances. Cutest. boy. ever!
ALL Boy: jumps off everything, kicks walls & LOVES to be outside
Wakes up at 5:30 "mama, mama, mama, maaaaaammmmmma!!" Then it's snuggle time with mama and dada
R has discovered the dvd player in the car so now, it really is ELMO 24/7.
Loves TT (Tera Turner)
"mohr! mohr! mohr!" "MORE"
peaz! peaz! peaz! "PLEASE"
crazy excited jump up and down dance when I say we're going "bye bye"
Snuggle time with R playing with my hair. It doesn't get better.

Christmas is going to be SO. Much. Fun. with our little booger!! We can't wait!!