Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Richardson at Four Months:

That's right, I can't believe it, next week you will be 4 months! Oh and daddy will be 36 (years, not months...). We love Daddy and can't wait to celebrate his birthday! So far in your beautiful little life:

-You've discovered your hands. BIG TIME. You can't get enough of sucking and drooling on those pudgy little fingers and fists of yours. And we just can't get enough of Y-O-U, cuteness! I love your slobber/droll too. It gives me such a nice summer glow on my shoulders. Always glistening. And ALL thanks to you, sweet boy.

-Your eyes are looking very brown... Just like mommy and daddy. And you're hair. IS, well,.. still not there. We say you have the best haircut in the house. Definitely the cheapest. We love your cute bald head. The little, tiny bit of hair that you do have, looks to be light brown, maybe with a auburn tint. (I know that when you get older you will love all these details... ;-)

-You have the BEST personality - Already. Mr. Smiley, you are. You are my favorite person to spend time with and I love, LOVE, love making you laugh. Even though your laugh sounds like a deep nasal grunt, I know what you're doing and it's music-to-my-ears. Best sound in all the world. And in public, what you do, oh it's the cutest thing ever. You just look around for people who are looking at you and you FLIRT. Smile. and Laugh. Seeing you smile makes me the happiest mommy in the world.

-You're rolling over to your side, both directions, and getting more proficient every day. Sometimes when I leave you on the floor to go change a load of laundry, I come back 30 seconds later to find you've rolled over to your side and sometimes turned 180 degrees. At night in your crib, same thing.. When I come in in the morning, you are completely turned around. I know soon I will come in, and you will be sitting up.

-Along with the rolling over, you like to grasp things and reach for things now. Toys are much more exciting... I grab on to one end of your toys and you grab the other. One of your favorite games is when we play noises. I pinch your nose and say "honk, honk", pinch your check and say "beep, beep", pull on your ear and say "Mooo, mooo", tug on your toe and say "quack, quack", you get the idea. And you L-A-U-G-H and laugh and laugh. I love this game more then you do.

-You are still loving your time in the big bath tub and are experimenting with kickin' those cute, chubba-lubba legs of yours to get some splashing action. For the last 7 weeks, we are Routine City around here and it has done you good. Every night, 8:30, it's bath time, followed by bottle, book and mommy rocking time. Then zzzzzzz's in your crib, kid. You are the BEST nightime baby. I never expected to sleep this much, this soon. I do appreciate it, my sweet child.

-You are hungry. ALL. THE. TIME. Some days you eat 40 ounces a day. You even stare at my food when I'm eating now... Oh how you make me laugh. We started putting cereal in your morning bottle and are giving you one bottle of formula a day. By 6 months, the feeders are out-of-business kid so get used to the formula. Very soon you will be on to solids.

-We are about ready to trade in the baby swing for the Exersaucer. You love your swing, but the feet are starting to dangle off.. It probably has to do with the fact that you're 4 months and wearing 9month clothing.. You are starting to like tummy time. It's still a love/hate relationship though. You've been holding your head up for quite a while, but now you're doing push-ups and holding yourself up. AND you love any floor time as long as Mr. Frog is down there with you. You love Mr. Frog.

-You love going to the park everyday. You just LOVE being outside. Period. When it's nice and we keep your shade up, you just look all around at the trees, doggies, cyclist and, of course, the awkward men in spandx roller blading.. You take it all in. Well, until you fall asleep at least.. Now that daddy is running in the evenings, you get to go twice a day. You are so laid back and happy. I learn from you every day.

-And, of course, you love your daddy. When he walks in the room, you watch him like a hawk. You smile at the things he does even when he doesn't see it. But I do. It pretty much makes my heart melt.

-To my delight, you are kinda a "Momma's Boy". And I love that. Please stay that way all the way through high school!

-Your just such a sweet boy, I can't get over it. I know you probably get tired of how many times..., every day, that mommy blows on your tummy, kisses your checks or nibbles on your lil ears, but I just love you SO MUCH. The last 4 months have been the happiest of my life. How did we ever get so lucky?

We love you, Little Richardson!

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  1. Well I am sure my current level of hormones helped..but your post made me cry!! So sweet! I can't wait to meet your little one and I am so happy for you and Rich!!