Monday, May 9, 2011


Richardson reacted to the Easter Bunny..., much like how he responded to his first interaction with Santa... "excuse me.., AND.., who are you, sir...?" Our boy is not easily scared, well...., unless you have a blow dryer or vacuum in your hand. If we don't want him in a room.., we just lay the blow dryer in the doorway. True fact. lol.
It was both Richardson and mommy's first Easter in Stuttgart. What a GREAT time we had! The Stuttgart Easter Bunny flies a crop-duster and drops hundreds of eggs behind the Stuttgart County Club. What a treat! So surprised that the plane didn't scare R... He loved it! Then.., on Easter Sunday, Mr. Bunny left R a cute painted sign and eggs at Ma'am and Pop's house. He did pretty well with the egg gathering. Dropping the eggs in his basket.., not so much. lol It was adorable!
What a perfect weekend!

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  1. Hey lady
    I actually had a minute to catch up on blogs..glad I did. Your little man is just too cute!!! I cannot believe he is already one!! I know he keeps you guys busy and you love every minute of it. Would love for you guys to come for a visit sometime! Have a great week!